Summer Promotion on Wheel Alignments
Friday, 15 March 2013 00:00

Drivehard is equipped with the latest precision wheel alignment technology system. Our new and patented QuickGrip™ adaptors and three-dimensional targets accelerate service with set-up times in seconds instead of minutes. Spring-loaded clamping arms adjust easily to various wheel sizes, and a simple thumb lever locks the clamp in place. Technicians can quickly attach the adaptors without concern for a perfectly centered target; off-centered positioning has no effect on measurement accuracy.

The system's patented clamping arms grip the tire tread instead of the rim edge, removing the worry of damaging expensive rims from metal-to-metal contact. Only a protective rubber ring at the base of the adaptor contacts the rim. The entire adaptor and target assembly weighs only six lbs., making it easy to handle and install. A special shop-tough polymer construction makes the assembly tolerant of accidental drops. The target itself contains no electronics and requires very little maintenance. Additionally, the assembly's ultra-compact profile easily fits between narrow lift posts and other tight constraints.

New and patented HawkEye Elite digital imaging sensors include four high-resolution cameras that instantly update adjustment readings on-screen. Working with the newly designed targets, HawkEye Elite sensors provide 3D modeling of wheel position and orientation for the most accurate alignment measurements. Roll-forward compensation, exclusive to Hunter, allows a technician to compensate all four wheels and capture initial measurements in one quick motion. When equipped with the timesaving capabilities of an FIA (Fully Integrated Alignment) lift, the system produces vehicle measurements for the customer in as little as 90 seconds.

At Drivehard, we ensure the best precision technology are provided and adopted on all our client's cars, especially speciality or luxury cars with lowered suspension; oversized wheels or aerodynamic ground effects. We provide "The best tuning experience" with our exceptional service and facility.

2013 Summer Promotion on all alignments from May 15th - Aug 31st!**
Free alignment inspection with every oil change!

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** 2013 Summer Promotion from May 15th to Aug 31st. Free alignment inspection with every oil change during promotion period.

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